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Advinez 01 Jun


We have moved. Our new address is: Wethouder Beverstraat 185 7543 BK Enschede

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Advinez 23 Apr

Easing Corona restrictions

        These are the Corona restrictions from April 28, 2021   The cabinet announced relaxation of the corona measures on April 20. The curfew will be lifted on Wednesday, April 28 at 4:30 AM. Terraces can open, but there are restrictions. O

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Advinez 08 Apr

COVID-19 compensation

  Compensation when affected by COVID-19 (TOGS) Since Friday, March 27, 2020, it is possible to request a one-off allowance of € 4,000. An important condition is a good SBI code. The TOGS is intended for entrepreneurs who have had to stop their activities as a result of th

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Advinez 24 Mar

Corona: Aid Package

  Coronavirus: information about the package of new measures for the entrepreneursOn 17 March, the government decided to take exceptional economic measures because of the corona virus. The purpose of this is to protect our incomes and jobs in addition to our health and to absorb

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Advinez 19 Mar

Corona virus, remote office

  Due to the Corona crisis, our office is closed until further notice. We work from a remote office and are simply available by phone and email! The telephone number 0541-700200 is available from Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 16:30.Email will be answered as soon as po

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Advinez 12 Feb

High penalty foreign service providers

  Obligation to report for foreign service providersFrom 1 March 2020, employers (service providers) and self-employed persons from countries within the European Economic Area and Switzerland, who carry out a temporary assignment in the Netherlands, are required to report in adv

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Advinez 28 Jan

Reorganisation Tax authorities

All recent troubles with the tax authorities have led to the resignation of the State Secretary of Finance on December 18, 2019. You can find reports here.

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Advinez 06 Jan

KOR 2020

New small business scheme (KOR) 2020 You qualify for the new KOR if:    - You are a VAT entrepreneur,    - You are established in the Netherlands,    - Your turnover does not exceed € 20000 per calendar year. In the old KOR y

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